String of t eddy bears

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Product title
String of t eddy bears
Product description
String of 8 stuffed brown teddy bears. Nose made of black fabric, eyes made of black plastic. The bears are wearing clothes, the predominant colours of which are light and dark pink, with wooden buttons. The bears’ bodies are made of white fabric. The dresses have white collars. The bears are linked by a string, with a loop at each end. Article sold in a plastic bag.
The product poses a risk of suffocation due to: - the presence of an impermeable plastic bag, with an opening perimeter of more than 380 mm and an average thickness of less than 0.038 mm, - the presence of a string with a length of more than 220 mm at 25 N, able to form a noose, with objects (soft toys) at each end; and a risk of choking due to the unacceptable presence on this toy for children under the age of 36 months of small parts which can be detached by a force of less than 90 N (buttons). The product does not comply with the Toy Directive and the relevant European standard EN 71.
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Consumer product
Risk type
Choking Suffocation
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Products with serious risks
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