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Fully-lined skirt. The overlay is black with white polka dots of varying sizes. It has a black fabric lining. The red label attached to the garment bears the brand of the skirt in white print. The swing ticket is white and bears the brand of the article, together with the following: Style, Size and Colour and the various symbols for the care of the garment.
The product poses a chemical risk because it contains Hexavalent Chromium, in concentrations varying from 2.4 to 19.2 mg/kg. Given that Oeko Tex Standard 100 states that, to ensure optimum quality, total chromium content should be less than 1 mg/kg for children’s clothing and less than 2 mg/kg for all other clothing, regardless of whether it is in contact with the skin, and that Chromium VI should actually be below the detection threshold, a limit of 5 mg/kg of Chromium VI is a practical threshold beyond which there is a serious risk of allergic contact dermatitis.
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Article code: 207
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Consumer product
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