Permanent markers “ZIG Permacolor - Waterproof marker”

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Permanent markers “ZIG Permacolor - Waterproof marker”. (Waterproof and quickly dried markers, rounded tip - OM 30NC; cut tip - OM 50NC; and thick makers with cut tip - OM 120. Markers OM 30NC and OM 50NC are produced in seven colours and markers OM 120 are produced in two colours. Markers OM 50NC with cut tip: violet - EAN 4901427917727, brown - EAN 4901427917773, red - EAN 4901427913255, orange - EAN 4901427917710, black - EAN 4901427913248, blue - EAN 4901427913262, green - EAN 4901427901351; markers OM 30NC with rounded tip: green - EAN 4901427901351, violet - EAN 490142797680, blue - EAN 4901427913224, red - EAN 4901427913255, orange - EAN 4901427917673, black - EAN 4901427913200, brown - EAN 4901427917666; thick marker with cut tip are red - EAN 490114256228 and black - EAN 4901427901511)
Chemical risk. The ink contains substances in quantities which can impair fertility and cause harm to the unborn.
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Measures ordered by public authorities: Placing on the market voluntarily stopped; withdrawal from distribution and recall ordered by the authorities.
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Consumer product
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