Building Glass

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  • Pyroguard and Pyranova (COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT)
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Building Glass
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Building glass used in windows, doors and partitions/screens. Glass may be stamped with small round stamp stating '7mm/11mm Pyroguard' at the top of stamp 'Glassworks Ireland' in the middle and 'EN 14449' at the bottom of stamp. Alternatively, the glass may be stamped 'Safety Glass - BS 6206' (*Please note there is no risk with genuine Pyroguard or Pyranova glass).
- Due to no fire resisting properties, the products pose a risk of fire to persons using the buildings where the building glass has been installed.Where ordinary laminate glass has been used instead of genuine Pyroguard or Pyranova glass, the risk is even more significant. Not only will the fire not be contained by the glass, it is expected that the petroleum based laminate will actually facilitate the spread of the fire. - On the occasion where the counterfeit glass has some fire resisting properties, it is likely that the product will not contain the fire for the time period which is required for that building. The placing of these construction products on the market does not comply with the procedures set in the Construction Products Regulation.
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Professional product
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United Kingdom
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Building Products
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Products with serious risks
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United Kingdom


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