Toyota C-HR Hybrid, Prius and Prius Plug-in Passenger car

Recall published
Product title
Passenger car
C-HR Hybrid, Prius and Prius Plug-in
Product description
Passenger car.
If dust has accumulated on the wire harness or the cover, vibration during vehicle use may cause the insulation on the wires to wear over time and expose the core wire, causing an electrical short circuit to occur between the damaged wires and generate heat. If sufficient heat is generated, there is an increased risk of fire.
Measures taken
The engine wire harness has a cover attached where it is connected to the hybrid vehicle Power Control Unit. Due to assembly variation, a portion of the wire harness could contact the cover.
Batch number / barcode
Production Period: C-HR Hybrid (26/05/2016 - 08/05/2018), Prius (01/07/2015 - 15/05/2018) and Prius Plug-in (23/03/2016 - 14/05/2018).
Model number
- Model Name (Model Code): C-HR Hybrid (ZYX10), Prius (ZVW50) and Prius Plug-in (ZVW52);
- EC-type approval number: e11*2007/46*2971, e11*2007/46*3704, e11*2007/46*3641.
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
Notifying country

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