RENAULT Master III X62 Passenger van / Light commercial vehicle

Recall published
Product title
Passenger van / Light commercial vehicle
Master III X62
Product description
Passenger van / Light commercial vehicle under Renault recall code: OCYP.
As a result, the brackets may become loose, causing incorrect wheel alignment of the rear axle and increasing the risk of an accident.
Measures taken
The suspension brackets of the right rear leaf spring are not tightened to the required torque.
Batch number / barcode
The affected vehicles were manufactured at the Batilly factory between 30 March and 11 July 2018.
Model number
Type-approval numbers: e2*2007/46/0016 ext 32 to 33 (Type MA)
E2*2007/46*0019 ext 28 to 29 (Type MB)
E2*2007/46*0017 ext 21 to 22 (Type MC)
E2*2007/46*0022 ext 23 to 24 (Type ML)
, e2*2007/46*0047 ext 26 to 27 (Type VA)
E2*2007/46*0049 ext 29 to 30 (Type VB)
E2*2007/46*0048 ext 16 to 17 (Type VC)
E2*2007/46*0050 ext 24 to 25 (Type VD)
E2*2007/46*0021 ext 15 to 16 (Type VE)
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
Notifying country

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