Peugeot 208, 2008, 308II, 3008II, 5008II, traveller/expert Passenger Car

Recall published
Product title
Passenger Car
208, 2008, 308II, 3008II, 5008II, traveller/expert
Product description
Passenger Car
Depending on the amount of damage, the particulate emission level could exceed regulatory limits.
Measures taken
A plastic component (spacer) included in the exhaust line could damage the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) under certain conditions, creating small cracks or holes.
Batch number / barcode
2008 : Vehicles manufactured between 06/12/2017 and 19/06/2018 - VIN: VF3CUYHXNJY002931 to VF3CUYHYSJY111935; Peugeot Code: JDE, 208 : Vehicles manufactured between 07/11/2016 and 27/06/2018 - VIN: VF3CAYHYSHW062172 to VF3CCYHYSJW087476; Peugeot Code: JDE, 3008 II : Vehicles manufactured between 16/06/2016 and 18/06/2018 - VIN: VF3MCYHZJHS158484 to VF3MCYHZRKS005234; Peugeot Code: JDE, 308 II : Vehicles manufactured between 14/10/2016 and 18/06/2018 - VIN: VF3LBYHYPJS040311 to VF3LCYHZRJS288920 ; Peugeot Code: JDE, 5008 II : Vehicles manufactured between 05/09/2017 and 29/06/2018 - VIN: VF3MCYHZJHL047825 to VF3MCYHZRJL050948; Peugeot Code: JDE, Traveller/ Expert : Vehicles manufactured between 02/06/2017 and 22/05/2018 - VIN: VF3VAYHRKJZ025462 to VF3VAYHVKJZ016849; Peugeot Code: JDE
Model number
E2*2007/46*0070*39, e2*2007/46*0070*41, e2*2007/46*0070*42, e2*2007/46*0070*43, e2*2007/46*0070*44, e2*2007/46*0405*15, e2*2007/46*0405*17, e2*2007/46*0405*18, e2*2007/46*0405*19, , e2*2007/46*0405*20, e2*2007/46*0405*21, e2*2007/46*0405*22, e2*2007/46*0534*05, e2*2007/46*0534*06, e2*2007/46*0532*06
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
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