Cast-iron grill (plancha)

Recall published
  • ENO
Product title
Cast-iron grill (plancha)
Product description
Enamelled cast-iron plate (stainless-steel body) with raised edges and tilt adjustment. Grease trap. Adjustable foot height. Max. cooking temperature 380 °C. Power rating 1 500 W; 45 cm; 1 burner; 24.60 kg, 230-240 V, 50-60 Hz. Indoor and outdoor use.
The product is not protected against moisture but intended for outdoor use. Water presence on the live parts of the screw terminal could reduce the creepage distance on the main insulation between the terminal screw and the accessible metal parts of the body, increasing the risk of electric shock to users. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 60335.
Measures taken
Measures taken by economic operators: Recall of the product from end users, Withdrawal of the product from the market (By: Manufacturer)
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Elektra 45 ref 82193A
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Electric shock
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Home Appliances
Risk level
Serious risk
Notifying country


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