Telescopic ladder

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Telescopic ladder
Aluminium Telescopic Ladder
Product description
Aluminium, height-adjustable, telescopic ladder. If the stop is released, the ladder retracts under its own weight. Maximum height: 380 cm. Retracted height: 79 cm. Weight: 10.8 kg.
The rungs of the ladder can be extended in no particular order, so that a block formation of multiple rung elements is possible. This results in different rungs distances. If the locking mechanism of the ladder is released, the impact force may cause injuries to the users' hands and fingers. There is no clear indication whether the rung locking is engaged and therefore secure. These defects may also lead to a situation where individual upright sections are not locked when the ladder is extended, and the user may fall while climbing up. In addition, the instructions for use and the warning notices are not in the national language. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 131.
Measures taken
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Model number
Model: 020S (308), Height 3.8m;
N° of Rungs 13.
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Consumer product
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Tools / Equipment
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Products with serious risks
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