Risk: Burns

Fancy dress set by Yuan Yuan

Recalled: 2016-06-20

Travel plug adaptor by Phoenix

Recalled: 2016-06-13

Electric pressure cooker by REDMOND

Recalled: 2016-06-13

Fire extinguisher by VADER

Recalled: 2016-06-13

Fireworks by Jacques Prevot Feux d'Artifice

Recalled: 2016-06-13

Hood hair dryer by Ultron

Recalled: 2016-06-06

Fancy-dress wig by V&F

Recalled: 2016-06-06

Hair straightener/heated brush by HELEN OF TROY / VIDAL SASSOON

Recalled: 2016-06-06

Heated towel rail by Haverland

Recalled: 2016-05-02

Bicycle lights by Specialized

Recalled: 2016-04-25

Electric griddle pan by THULOS

Recalled: 2016-04-18

Electric barbecue grill by La Bolata

Recalled: 2016-04-04

Decorative fireplace by New Wave Mode

Recalled: 2016-03-28

Toy sewing and ironing set by AO XIE TOYS / IMAGIN

Recalled: 2016-03-21

Fancy-dress costume by Christys

Recalled: 2016-02-29

Electric barbecue grill by BRAVO NIPPON

Recalled: 2016-02-22

Decorative candle by La Bolata

Recalled: 2016-02-08

Air compressor by ALTIUM

Recalled: 2016-01-25

CRZ / BSE BOSUER 125 S Mini motorcycle by CRZ / BSE BOSUER

Recalled: 2015-11-30

Electric grill by Unknown

Recalled: 2015-11-23