Risk: Cuts

Pushchair for dolls by Baby Cart

Recalled: 2012-11-12

Circular saw by Biltema

Recalled: 2012-09-03

Electric fryer by Princess

Recalled: 2012-07-23

Halogen bulb by Bricorama In' Light

Recalled: 2012-06-04

Tractor lawn-mower - Husqvarna by Husqvarna

Recalled: 2012-04-02

Tractor lawn-mower - Al-Ko by AL-KO

Recalled: 2012-04-02

Tractor lawn-mower "Murray" by Briggs & Stratton

Recalled: 2012-04-02

Electric fan "Ventilateur sur Pied" by Tous les Jours (TLJ)

Recalled: 2012-01-02

Play tent "Pop-Up Tent by Outdoor Active

Recalled: 2011-11-21

Wardrobe "ELG? by IKEA

Recalled: 2011-10-17

Children’s bicycle "12 by Sixteam

Recalled: 2011-09-05

Beaded door curtain "Hearts Beaded Door Curtain" by ARGOS

Recalled: 2011-09-05

Fireworks "ATOMYC"; "COBRA" by DI BLASIO

Recalled: 2011-08-29

Coffee and tea-maker by Ikea Förstå

Recalled: 2011-03-14

Glass mug "RUND" by IKEA

Recalled: 2011-02-28

Lawnmower by Viking

Recalled: 2011-01-24

Electric food blender "Blender Chauffant" by Simeo

Recalled: 2011-01-10

Scooter by Spartan Sport

Recalled: 2010-10-25

Shower screen for the bath by Bath

Recalled: 2010-08-23

Spinning Top by Toinsamadrid

Recalled: 2010-08-23