Risk: Cuts

Fireworks "ATOMYC"; "COBRA" by DI BLASIO

Recalled: 2011-08-29

Pull-string toy dog "Funny Dog /Lovely Dog pull-string toy" by Unknown

Recalled: 2011-04-04

Coffee and tea-maker by Ikea Förstå

Recalled: 2011-03-14

Glass mug "RUND" by IKEA

Recalled: 2011-02-28

Lawnmower by Viking

Recalled: 2011-01-24

Electric food blender "Blender Chauffant" by Simeo

Recalled: 2011-01-10

Mitre saw - 846 by Femi

Recalled: 2010-12-06

Scooter by Spartan Sport

Recalled: 2010-10-25

Baby walker by Adrians - Kinderartikel

Recalled: 2010-09-27

Chainsaw - Pita Spalinowa by Go / On!

Recalled: 2010-09-27

Shower screen for the bath by Bath

Recalled: 2010-08-23

Spinning Top by Toinsamadrid

Recalled: 2010-08-23

Scooter – "Toy Story" – Foldable Scooter by DISNEY PIXAR

Recalled: 2010-08-23

Robotic lawnmower by Indream A / S

Recalled: 2010-07-12

Robotic lawnmower by Indream A / S

Recalled: 2010-07-12

Mountain bike - Passo Dema by DEMA SENICA

Recalled: 2010-03-15

Toy dartboard by La Riqueza

Recalled: 2010-03-08

Rattle - The Best Welcome Gifts for the Children by Funny Toys

Recalled: 2010-03-01

Toy racing cars by Leopard

Recalled: 2010-02-15

Bicycle for children by SIMBA

Recalled: 2010-01-04