Risk: Cuts

Tambourine-drum - First tambourine by ELC (Early Learning Centre)

Recalled: 2009-04-20

Coffee machine by Philips Senseo

Recalled: 2009-03-30

Lawnmower by Unknown

Recalled: 2008-12-01

Folding stool for outdoor use by Gandia blasco

Recalled: 2008-11-17

Cut-resistant gloves by STIHL ECONOMY

Recalled: 2008-10-20

Plastic rattle by Funny Toys

Recalled: 2008-10-20

Luminous spinning ball by QD TOYS / MAGICAL

Recalled: 2008-07-07

Charcoal barbecue by JOINT

Recalled: 2008-06-30

Chain for soother by D HOME

Recalled: 2008-06-16

Combined mitre and bench saw by DeWALT

Recalled: 2008-05-19

Toy car "Zent" by FAST WHEELS

Recalled: 2008-05-19

Hair crimper by TRENDY

Recalled: 2008-04-07

Electric lawnmower by STIHL

Recalled: 2008-02-25

Mini-motorbike by MINIBAOLKY “DIRTY BIKE”

Recalled: 2008-02-25

Mini motorbike by Unknown

Recalled: 2008-02-25

Toy cash register by Playgo

Recalled: 2007-12-17

Glass blender by BJM

Recalled: 2007-12-17

Glass vase - 50cm Square Top Clear Glass Vase by Marks and Spencers

Recalled: 2007-12-03

Solid-fuel barbecue by BBQ

Recalled: 2007-11-12

Glass ice-cube 4-10 mm by Donath Creativ / Mach Dir die Freude

Recalled: 2007-09-10