Risk: Cuts

Garden mulching blower/ vacuum - Aspirateur Souffleur Broyeur by Ryobi

Recalled: 2009-12-07

Table by Halmar

Recalled: 2009-11-23

Set of hand-tools - Joiner's Tool Set by Joiner's

Recalled: 2009-11-16

Bunk beds by Unknown

Recalled: 2009-10-19

Push-along toy - Cocodrilo Con Baston by Unknown

Recalled: 2009-09-14

Backup generator by SDMO

Recalled: 2009-08-10

Plastic toys by 1. Pistol: Toys 2. Appel guitar BEL (BO ER LE) 3. Music guitar: Unknown 4. Strawberry piano: YAN FA

Recalled: 2009-08-03

Machete by Puma-tec

Recalled: 2009-06-15

Toy xylophone - Xylofon by Søstrene Grene

Recalled: 2009-06-08

Hook fish game by Unknown

Recalled: 2009-05-25

Baby's bottle – "Momlove by Vidal

Recalled: 2009-05-18

Toy hair-drier set - Makeup girl by Pretty – Fashion series

Recalled: 2009-05-18

Soft toy in a wooden box by HH

Recalled: 2009-05-11

Tambourine-drum - First tambourine by ELC (Early Learning Centre)

Recalled: 2009-04-20

Coffee machine by Philips Senseo

Recalled: 2009-03-30

Toy hammer by AOON TOYS

Recalled: 2009-03-16

Soother-holder by Bella tunno

Recalled: 2009-03-09

Wooden Christmas tree and Apple tree by FLORABASE

Recalled: 2008-12-22

Lawnmower by Unknown

Recalled: 2008-12-01

Insect imitating toy by BEETLE insect family

Recalled: 2008-11-24