Risk: Cuts

Vases - PARODI and APELSIN thick-walled vases by IKEA

Recalled: 2007-01-29

Dog leash by RIBECAN

Recalled: 2007-01-22

Portable luminaire for children Happy Flower by Unknown

Recalled: 2006-12-18

Circular saw by Biltema

Recalled: 2012-09-03

Pull-string toy dog "Funny Dog /Lovely Dog pull-string toy" by Unknown

Recalled: 2011-04-04

Rattle - The Best Welcome Gifts for the Children by Funny Toys

Recalled: 2010-03-01

Bunk beds by Unknown

Recalled: 2009-10-19

Toy hammer by AOON TOYS

Recalled: 2009-03-16

Insect imitating toy by BEETLE insect family

Recalled: 2008-11-24

Garden shredder by WEIBANG

Recalled: 2013-10-28

Radio controlled toy car – racing super car by COLOR BABY

Recalled: 2007-06-04

Circular saw by LUND

Recalled: 2018-05-21

Circular saw by Hyundai

Recalled: 2018-05-21

Branch saw by MAG-PRO

Recalled: 2018-02-26

Circular saw by BORT

Recalled: 2018-02-26

Ladder by Codiven

Recalled: 2014-01-06

Torin / Car lifter Hydraulic scissor lift Vehicle scissor lift by Torin / Car lifter

Recalled: 2019-02-11

Lawnmower by Unknown

Recalled: 2008-12-01

Mitre saw by Stayer

Recalled: 2014-11-24

Circular saw by TECH GARDEN

Recalled: 2012-08-06