Risk: Damage to hearing

Plastic toy set by Bai bian

Recalled: 2019-04-08

Fireworks "Fatamorgana" by Fyrværco A / S

Recalled: 2011-09-12

Fireworks "DSF 18s batteri" by Dansk Fyrværkeri Service ApS.

Recalled: 2011-09-12

Gas air horn "Sportfanfare" by Unknown

Recalled: 2006-09-04

Rattle by Bomei Toys / Tasso

Recalled: 2017-11-20

Flash bangers by TRIPLEX

Recalled: 2017-11-20

Toy mobile phone by Fantástiko

Recalled: 2016-12-05

Toy mobile telephone by BAIJIALE / BJL Toys

Recalled: 2016-08-08

Toy Mobile Phone by Tono Jia

Recalled: 2012-11-05

Children's mobile phone - plush animal by MICRO

Recalled: 2008-10-27

Rattle by Niagara

Recalled: 2017-11-13

Toy gun by Borax

Recalled: 2008-05-05

Rocket by Fireworks Denmark

Recalled: 2014-02-10

Ranger`s set by Freedom Force

Recalled: 2010-03-22

Toy mobile phone - 6230 by Qing pal

Recalled: 2010-03-22

Toy mobile phone - The wonderful style by Baby phone

Recalled: 2009-04-27

Toy mobile phone - Telefon figurka by TOYS

Recalled: 2009-04-27

Toy dart game by Toi-Toys

Recalled: 2018-07-16

Football Horn by Toy Toy Toy

Recalled: 2018-07-16

Rocket by Unknown

Recalled: 2014-09-15