Risk: Damage to sight

Laser pointer "HI-OUTPUT KEY CHAINA LASER 5 in 1" by Unknown

Recalled: 2006-02-27

Laser Music Flash Gun by Unknown

Recalled: 2005-11-21

Laser pointer "Laser and Beacon 7 LED Headlight"; by Unknown

Recalled: 2005-11-07

Electric laser pointer “DPSS-Laser; Laserpointer -Modul” by Unknown

Recalled: 2005-05-16

Laser pointers by SQ

Recalled: 2016-06-20

Laser sight for air gun "Ensemble Compact by Swiss Arms

Recalled: 2011-03-07

Toy laser gun by Combat Force

Recalled: 2011-03-07

Air sport gun by SHENG YUAN

Recalled: 2007-12-10


Recalled: 2007-12-10

Air gun by AIR GUN

Recalled: 2007-12-10

Laser pointer X Rated by HottProducts Unlimited / American Multitrade Inc.

Recalled: 2007-12-10

Bow and arrows set by Unknown

Recalled: 2007-03-19

Plastic gun by TOYS 555 LTD

Recalled: 2007-03-19

Laser lamp by Firefly

Recalled: 2014-08-04

Set of household tools - Household Tool Kit by Rolson.

Recalled: 2010-05-10

Toy cash register by Playgo

Recalled: 2007-12-17

Toy gun by Power Gun

Recalled: 2007-12-17

Lighter in the form of a revolver by Jiguang Baoch.

Recalled: 2007-01-15

Fancy-dress costume by F&F (by TESCO)

Recalled: 2017-06-26

Laser hair remover by Biotechnique Avance

Recalled: 2014-12-01