Risk: Microbiological

Eye contour cream - PEPTILYS Contour des yeux by URIAGE

Recalled: 2008-01-21

Toothpaste by COLGATE

Recalled: 2008-01-07

Body lotion - Hemp body lotion 150 ml by Hanfwelt

Recalled: 2007-12-10

Body Cream by Aromababy.

Recalled: 2007-11-26

Tattoo ink by Eternal Tattoos

Recalled: 2007-10-08

Toothpaste by UFSBD / MSA and LANG

Recalled: 2007-09-10

Plush toy – Teddy bear by Unknown

Recalled: 2007-09-10

Tattoo ink – Euro Sumi Outlining ink by Euro Sumi

Recalled: 2007-08-20

Eye balm by I&M Naturkosmetik

Recalled: 2007-07-30

Portable water microfilter and replacement cartridge by MSR MiniWorks

Recalled: 2007-06-11

Yeux Bleuet make-up remover by EUMADIS

Recalled: 2007-05-28

Nutritive night cream for sensitive and dry skin by Recepto Babushki Agafii

Recalled: 2007-04-30

Toilet paper (moist by TIP

Recalled: 2007-04-16

Liquid make-up removers - BIO for dry and sensitive skins by EUMADIS

Recalled: 2007-03-19

Double Effect Mascara by Rival de Loop

Recalled: 2007-02-19

Shower gel – Tropical Dream by Soft & Gentle

Recalled: 2007-02-12

Night oily skin cream-gel by Unknown

Recalled: 2006-12-04

Eye mask by Fresh Line

Recalled: 2006-11-20

Baby cream by Antoshka

Recalled: 2006-11-20

Skin-gel “Alosan 96 % Aloe vera repair skin-gel” by Unknown

Recalled: 2006-11-06